Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fast, but not fast enough

We measured the heights of the children on the wall today. Timbrel has been the reigning champion of tall for, well, forever. Zion has been catching her rapidly this year, and is now less than a half inch behind... Not fast enough to keep from being passed by a younger sibling, however. Judah is in the midst of rocketing upward, and he should end Timbrel's long reign by Christmas this year. Merry Christmas, Judah!

Zion is the first in our house to be passed by a younger sibling. Our stair-steps are breaking up...

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Dale Callahan said...

Sort of reminds you of the horse race where two horses are running neck and neck, everyones eyes are so glued on the front two horses that they miss the next horse who comes racing by...winning the race.