Monday, November 19, 2007

Job Schedule for a busy house

We have a busy house. Which, I believe, is better than having an idle house... The Bible says somewhere that where there are no oxen the manger is clean. Better oxen and a dirty manger than no oxen and a clean one. Better a house full of kids and mess than an empty one and spotless walls. And I agree.

However, we are hoping to raise kids who love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and who love their neighbors as themselves, and I am quite sure that keeping the house running smoothly and in a reasonable state of decor is covered somewhere under one of those two headings.

So we are having a house meeting tonight of all those big enough to still be up at 8:45 PM. We are planning to sit down and put names to a job list which rotates on a monthly schedule. We have been operating on a weekly schedule, and there is no end to the work for Val in searching out whose job is whose, because of course the kids can't remember THAT...

I figure that if it is one persons responsibility to do the laundry for a month, they may be able to last for a week and still be able to play dumb, but the problem will soon be choking everyone. By the time everyone in the house knows who is supposed to be on the job, the slacker will still have three weeks of labors in that particular field before it falls to someone else. This will give them an opportunity to become proficient at the task as well, which only bodes well for the future.

I am hoping for great things.

Pricing adjustments & WOG

Hello, everybody!

Just a brief note to those of you inclined to purchase my CDs from me, there has been some minor adjustments to the pricing structure. CDs are now $16 each from my website , and shipping costs have generally gone up. All in all, it should serve to be a price reduction for you, which is good news for you Christmas shoppers.

Speaking of which, be reminded that if you want CDs to arrive BEFORE Christmas, you would be well advised to order them a month or so in advance. The postal people are going postal that time of year...

If you wish to buy 10 or more CDs at once, I'll make you a good deal!

And one more note of (relative, limited) importance. It seems to me that Weight Of Glory is about 3 weeks away from being in hand. I am really hoping to get this one out to you folks by Christmas, since there are a couple of Nativity songs on the album that I would like for you to hear. It is not up on my website yet, but I am now beginning to take orders for it ...*IF*... you order it by itself. If you order it with a group of other CDs you may expect that the whole works will not reach you till after Christmas, for there is a possibility that WOG will be delayed.

It doesn't always seem this way to me, but this time... WOG will be my favorite so far. You can paypal $20 ($21.20 if you are in Canada) directly to my email address and ask for it, and I will ship it to you. Or you could ask for multiple copies if you like, just to make me happy, and I would charge you accordingly...

May the Lord bless you all with faith, hope, and love; with excellent churches, and families to match, and fill your bones with thanksgiving to Him for sending Jesus!