Thursday, September 18, 2008

Concerts in October

Hey folks!

If there are any Texans or Tennesseans within range, you may wish to hear of the following concerts I will be doing.

On Saturday evening, October 11/08 I will be doing a concert for St. Davids Church at the following location;

We now meet in the chapel at the Boys and Girls Country Academy, which is located at 21225 FM 2920, Hockley, Texas, about 1 mile west of Rosehill Christian School on the south side of FM 2920.

and the contact people to ask directions are the Gene Franklin family. and the Church website is

On Sunday eve, 6PM, October 12/08 I will be in concert in Austin, TX at this location;

Park Hills Baptist Church
900 S. MoPac Expressway
Austin, TX 78746

This concert is sponsored by Redeemer Presbyterian Curch (PCA), and the contact person will be Susan Marcus

On Sunday afternoon, Oct. 18/09 at 4PM I am doing a concert in Nashville, TN, sponsored by the fine folks at St. Mark Reformed Church, at the following location;

501 Brewer Dr. Nashville, TN 37211 at the Nashville First Hispanic Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Contact Joe Thacker for details,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Timbrel as Moses

We were talking around the table tonight about things that happened to the kids when they were little, episodes when they got lost and so forth. I remembered this one...

Timbrel was 4, Zion was in her high 2s, Judah was probably ten months old. The Soles family took a drive out to the Dunes area south of town to look for some flat rocks we could use for a walkway in our backyard. We parked the minivan at the entrance to a gravel pit, and we got out to look around. Judah was sleeping in his car seat; I think we had been going to take him along but then realized he was asleep, so we just set his seat back on the bucket seat of the van, and Val looked around for rocks near the van. I took the two girls on a trip down into the gravel pit to look for flat rocks.

The pit curved sharply to the right just ahead, and kept curving till we had gone probably 220 degrees when we came to the end of the pit. I found some good rocks high up on the bank while Timbrel and Zion played down on the floor of the pit, which was pretty solid and mostly dry, except for a few puddles left by a recent rain. The rock that I had found looked too big for me to carry all the way back to the van, so I had the bright idea to go get the van.

"Girls, Daddy is just going to walk over this ridge and get the van, and I will drive it around to where you are, you just stay there!" Timbrel's eyes widened, but I don't think I noticed...

Bad idea, Daddy!

I went around and found Val loading rocks she had found, so I helped her finish and told her the plan. We shut the door beside Judah, got in, and drove down into the gravel pit, and started around the loop toward my rock, when we saw a rather distressing sight. Timbrel had decided that there was no way we were leaving them there, and like Moses she began to lead the children out of the wilderness. Unfortunately, she didn't have much sense about big puddles, and the one we found her stuck in was about 50 feet across. She was out in the middle, both boots stuck fast, and screaming her head off; Zion was about 15 feet behind her, both boots stuck fast and screaming her head off too.

I saw them and slammed on the brakes, jumped out of the van, and ran out to rescue the girls and their boots, which was a difficult task... that mud was really sticky! We all became quite a mud fest; me carrying two screeching girls up to the van. But the van was screaming too... When I hit the brakes, I had failed to notice that Judah was not buckled into the bucket seat, and he went pitching onto the floor face first, still strapped in his car seat. His lip was swelling up at the same rate as his voice...

The Soles family mourned, and I'm sure half the town heard it.

Sword Drills

Sword drills are a great way to raise your child's knowledge of where things are in the Bible. I used to do this with my big three, Timbrel, Zion, and Judah, though we have not done it much for a couple years now. I have begun to do it with the next three, Jewel, Jonathan, and Eden, and they have been getting much quicker.

So today we did a sword drill open, to see where the littles stack up against the bigs. Jewel started out smoking with a couple of wins, but then Zion and Timbrel stole the show once they got warmed up. I think Jonathan got a win once, and Judah got one as well. Judah doesn't have great memories of sword drills, just a continual series of losses to his extremely quick big sisters. They are pretty tough competition!

"Swords in the air!" (all the bibles go up into the air, closed and spine upward)

"Find Jeremiah 31:9!" (everyone repeats "Jeremiah 31:9!")

"Go!!" (everyone rushes to find the reference)

Someone stands up and starts to read, hopefully a split second before their neighbor starts, and everyone else groans, especially if they were close...

If your sword drillers are really competent at finding their way around, try this variation;

"In the historical books, find the story of David and Goliath!"

If someone knows the reference they can call it out, and they win; if not, they have to look it up.

(after some digging, someone says "1st Samuel 17!")

This is a great game.

Also overheard...

Val heard Joe singing another of my songs today, only this time a really old one, with a twist...

Set me free to be what I need to be
Cause there's a higher college got a hold on me...

What!?! He's been recruited already?!?

Jonathan must have played that for him, I don't think he has it in his room...


So I'm playing songs for some of my little kids, when Joseph (4) asks me if I could play "Denetch". (emphasize the first syllable.)
"I'm not sure I know that song."
"It's on your CD. Denetch."
So he starts to sing it for me... "Denetch, Denetch, Denetch, De, MANAMANAMANA..."

It appears that "Golden Calf" has a new name...