Monday, October 08, 2007


I was downstairs the other day when I heard Joseph (3) start to cry as if in pain. I met Eden at the top of the stairs telling me that Joseph was bleeding all over the place. He was in the bathroom, up on a stool and leaning over the sink when I found him, with blood pouring out his nose. Big splats of blood were all over the counter. "Joseph, what did you do?!?" He couldn't tell me for quite awhile, he was too busy sobbing. I looked around the counter for some clues, and I found one... a long thin plastic paintbrush with blood on the handle.

He told me that he had been up on the counter and had slipped. "Did you have that paintbrush in your nose?" "Yes."

That must have hurt.

As I was mopping up the blood on the counter Joseph asked me if I was cleaning up his life. I was not sure I understood and asked about this. He told me that he had life in his nose and that it was coming out... has this kid been reading Leviticus behind my back?

Texas & Louisiana concerts

To all my listeners in north-east Texas and northern Louisiana, and the surrounding areas, there has been a concert tour arranged for me through these areas, and I would be delighted to meet some of you at the concerts! Here are the dates and places;

This appears to be the schedule, with some changes possible;

October 31, Wednesday night, beginning at 6 pm, a Reformation Day church party.

Colleyville Presbyterian Church
715 Cheek Sparger Road
Colleyville, TX 76034
(817) 498-2626

November 1, Thursday morning, beginning at 8:30 am,

Covenant Classical School
126 North Judd Street
Fort Worth, TX 76108

Todd Harris is the fellow to contact about these two concerts for more information

November 2, Friday night, 7pm, at
Hope Fellowship
300 Hollybrook Dr
Longview, TX 75605

Sponsered by: Christ The King Presbyterian Church

For information call: 903.238.6830 Phil Hodson is the contact person.

Here's a link for a map:

Nov.3 Saturday, a concert in Nacagdoches at the fall conference gathering of Texas CREC churches. Contact person is Tom Brainerd,
Grace Covenant Church, Nacogdoches, TX 936 622 6050

Nov.4 Sunday, 6PM Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church
224 Auburn Avenue - Monroe, LA

318-323-3061 Contact person is Duane Garner

Nov.5 Monday, an open day, as of yet. I couldn't get a cheap flight home on Monday. If there is any group in the Dallas area who could make use of me early on Monday eve, let me know.

Nov.6 Tuesday, I fly out of DFW at 6:30 AM


In other news, Weight Of Glory is in the final stages of preparations before going to the manufacturers. Here is the blurb for a description;

Weight Of Glory

Stories. The Bible is full of them. Characters. Great doers of deeds both noble and foul; minor actors of whom we catch only glimpses. Men and women whose faith (and whose lack of faith) bleeds through their actions. Our fathers and mothers in the faith are there, spurring us on to love and good works, and we learn what that means as we study them and their examples.
There are hundreds of stories in the Scriptures, each with a multitude of different ways to approach them, to open them up for others to see. And yet there is truly only one story, of God’s plan in Jesus to bring His world from immaturity to maturity, from childhood to adulthood. All the many and varied stories of Scripture form the shape of this plan, and you and I are a part of it, like David, and Cain, and Joseph. And though we face many afflictions along the way, we are assured by Jesus that they are light ones, and are preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comprehension.

Weight Of Glory is an album of stories. It often takes you inside the action, as you remember standing on the bank of the Red Sea when the Pharoah’s soldiers were washing ashore; or as Naomi is about to leave, but you are determined to go with her; or as you reflect with David on the serious damage you did to a formerly good relationship. There are stories surrounding the birth of Jesus, word pictures with which to fill your imagination. There are affirmations of faith everywhere, and much rejoicing in God’s good gifts. From crying aloud in the streets to sitting alone on a mountainside waiting for God to speak, the Weight Of Glory builds.
If you enjoy Jamie’s kids albums, and you were once a kid yourself, you will be delighted with Weight Of Glory.


These songs which I did at a concert in St. Louis this past summer have recently been uploaded to youtube.

Blessings to you all! Thanks for listening!

Jamie Soles