Monday, October 08, 2007


I was downstairs the other day when I heard Joseph (3) start to cry as if in pain. I met Eden at the top of the stairs telling me that Joseph was bleeding all over the place. He was in the bathroom, up on a stool and leaning over the sink when I found him, with blood pouring out his nose. Big splats of blood were all over the counter. "Joseph, what did you do?!?" He couldn't tell me for quite awhile, he was too busy sobbing. I looked around the counter for some clues, and I found one... a long thin plastic paintbrush with blood on the handle.

He told me that he had been up on the counter and had slipped. "Did you have that paintbrush in your nose?" "Yes."

That must have hurt.

As I was mopping up the blood on the counter Joseph asked me if I was cleaning up his life. I was not sure I understood and asked about this. He told me that he had life in his nose and that it was coming out... has this kid been reading Leviticus behind my back?

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Anonymous said...

Jamie- I didn't know that you blogged. I enjoy reading about your family. I am trying to figure out a way to see you in concert in Texas. The concert you gave here was great. Thanks again for visiting us! Your friend, Anne (wife of Richard H.) in St. Louis