Saturday, August 02, 2008

Where's The Brakes?!?

I took my big van in to my mechanic brother, Stephen, for a check-up, and was told that it was a good thing I came in, the brakes were almost gone. He tells me that they work as normal right up until they go, then they suprise you. But I'm looking at $800 to replace them...ouch.

Val came home from a drive about town today, and told me the brakes just started squealing on my little van... OUCH!

Friday, August 01, 2008


"...and the second is like it; you shall love your neighbor as yourself."

Except in Canada, where we read this command as "You shall leave your neighbor by himself."

Most of you have probably heard by now of the (surely) demon-possessed fellow who stabbed and decapitated a fellow passenger on a bus in Manitoba. How many people were on that bus at the time? It surely takes at least awhile to complete the deed of removng someone's head, why did nobody intervene? There were lots of things at hand that could have been thrown at him, to distract him long enough for somebody to tackle him and disarm him.

He could have been stopped cold, before he did the deed, if it were legal to carry concealed firearms in this country. In fact, you can be sure this would not have happened at all if that were the case...

I strongly suspect that there will now be a push to outlaw knives in Canada. Just watch.

The Difficulty of Movie Smooches

You know how it works. When the guy finally gets the girl they smooch, and usually with open mouths. I have told my children that those kind of kisses are essential, but not until they are married, and that they should not engage in such activities until then.

Easier said than done... Val was sitting at the table the other day while 6 year old Chloe was eating a peach. Chloe seemed to be greatly enjoying the sensation, with great big bites and long contact with the peach.

"What are you doing, Chloe?" says Val.

Chloe replies, "I'm kissing my wedding boy!"


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Standard Song

This was a kind of a kids song before I was writing kids songs. My wife tells me I should record it again...

The Standard Song
Watch your eyes, they might see
Things they’re not supposed to see
Always screen the things you view
They become a part of you
Have a standard and stand by it
As a safeguard against the devil’s lies
You’ll regret it if you cross that line
It will lead you into compromise
So watch your eyes

Watch your tongue, it might say
Things it’s not supposed to say
Careless words can leave a scar
So stop and think before you go too far
Have a standard and stand by it
May a song of love always be sung
Your neighbor feels the effects of it
He may be blessed or he may be stung
So watch your tongue

Watch your mind, it might think
Things it’s not supposed to think
What you think is what you’ll do
So dwell on what is good for you
Have a standard and stand by it
Don’t be fooled into changing your design
You can choose what you will think about
You can leave those evil thoughts behind
Oh watch your mind

Have a standard and stand by it
May the Lord’s reflection never dim
Victory is certain if you will
Take your thoughts as captives unto Him
©Mar.31/1987 Jamie Soles