Monday, April 17, 2006

Christ Covenant Church Grande Prairie

Our first service was Easter Sunday, and it was a delightful service. All of our council was involved in some way. The liturgical responses were done with vigour and enthusiasm, the songs were appropriate, the sermon was very good, the Supper was served. And what a delight for the half of our congregation who have never before been invited to the Lord's table! May all their days be filled with the assurance that Christ's sacrifice was for them, too. Thanks be to God!


What an odd bunch I live with! My wife is odd, almost all my children are odd... The only ones in my house who are not odd are me and Joseph, although in another year Joseph and I will be odd too. Perhaps the others will have ceased being odd by then...

Not only that, but my kids are old, too. They are older than me, and they are older than Val, but they are not older than both of us.