Wednesday, June 30, 2010

25 Random things about Jamie Soles?

1. I had 11 siblings in a blended family; the oldest was 11 years older than me, the youngest was 11 years younger than me, and I was the 11th of 12.
2. I fell off some stairs and lit on my head on a concrete floor when I was 4, and cracked my skull.
3. I visited a chiropractor in my late 30s, and he found a knot in my backbone that he said "had been there for a long time, probably from when you were a little boy."
4. In our Evangelical Free Church where I grew up, we had a pastor who preached thru Jeremiah for a couple years. But I never remembered, my older brother told me last year...
5. I was given a choice in grade one; right-handed or left-handed?... a week after I had a cast removed from my right arm. I am left-handed.
6. I remember the song leader asking for favorites week after week when I was a boy in the EFree. We had some strange songs in our hymnal, and strange tastes in our pews...
7. Rolf Harris had a large impact on how I make kids songs.
8. I tried to write my first song at 13, but it was stupid. I don't think I had an organised thought in my head till I was 15.
9. On Saturday nights, we used to eat fresh bread, corn, and baked beans my mother made, have a cup of tea, and watch Hockey Night In Canada.
10. I always eat my brown and yellow smarties together, and last. I love those colors together!
11. I used to play chess a lot.
12. My parents worried about me as a teenager, about how I would survive in the world. "He can play guitar, and play chess, but he can't even fix his own car!"
13. I looked after the farm by myself when I was 14, for weeks at a time, while my parents were out breaking land to make a living.
14. I learned a life lesson about where my future would lie, when I was feeding the horses outside in
-55 weather. "Not here, Jamie, develop your music..."
15. I counted 29 moose one winter morning, on the way to church. They never arrived...
16. The first time I ever rode a horse, I got bucked off, into the knee-deep-in-mud-and-stuff
17. I caught a weasel with my bare hands when I was 11.
18. I was charged by an irate Hereford cow, out in the middle of the field, at about 20 paces. I am still alive, because God's angels know how to deal with irate Hereford cows.
19. I used to listen to 8-tracks of Kris Kristopherson, while bombing about the backwoods with my brother Bill in his black 1964 4x4 International pickup.
20. From grade 4 through grade 12, we had no running water or indoor plumbing. I grew to hate snowsuits.
21. I fell through the ice on Williston Lake when I was 10, and I couldn't swim. My brother Bill borrowed my brother Dave's crutch, lay down on the ice, and fished me out. Right above the turbines on the dam.
22. I read encyclopedias for fun when I was a kid. I could have told you every country in the world, it's capital, it's population, etc. 1963 World Book set my father had.
23. I was swept away down the flooding Sukunka River when I was 8, in a 14 foot fiberglass canoe, with 4 of my siblings. No life jackets, no swimmers... Another day on the way to school...
24. I rode a runner sled for a solid mile without having to put a foot on the ground, when I was 8.
25. I won the band award in grade 12, playing the baritone horn.