Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Soles Family Christmas Tour 2009

Dec. 14 Monday 7:00 PM concert at Grace Chapel, 935 Evalena St, Castle Rock, CO 80108 Contact Scott Davidson 720.236.2540 scott@chec.org

Dec. 15 Tuesday Concert at Flint Hills Christian Academy’s gym (3905 Green Valley Rd, Manhattan, KS 7 PM, Contact ~Nate Wilson, Christ the Redeemer Church, Manhattan, KS www.ctrchurch-mhk.org 785-537-9377

Dec. 16 Wed.Concert at 7 PM at Faith Lutheran Church, Peters Family Life Center
1517 E. Valley Watermill Road, Springfield, MO 65803 Contact Eric Sauder 417-209-5405 pastor@christthekingkirk.com

Dec. 17 Thurs. Concert at 7 PM at Camp Wyldewood in Searcy, AR.; 155 Riverside Park Rd., Searcy, AR 72143. Todd Davis is contact person. (501) 278-6325 christchurch@gmail.com

Dec. 18 Friday concert at 7:15 PM at Immanuel Presbyterian Church; meeting at: Pineview Baptist Church, 1288 Clinton-Raymond Road, Clinton, Mississippi, Organiser - Davy Durham 601 672-3957

Dec. 20 Sunday concert at 5 PM at 501 Brewer Dr. Nasvhille, TN 37211 Contact is Carson Sensing carson.sensing@gmail.com 615-221-8836 hm, 615-405-0499 cell

Dec. 28 Monday Concert at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Valparaiso, FL. at 7 PM. Contact Mary Ann Waldron mwaldron@trinvalp.com (850) 678-0060

Dec. 29 Tuesday concert at 7 PM at Christ Presbyterian Church, 8025 Antioch Road, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70817. http://www.christpresbyterianbr.com/ Contact Debby Louviere debbyl@cox.net 225.751.6339

Dec. 30 Wednesday concert at 7 PM at Bethel PCA, 2040 E. McNeese St. Lake Charles, LA 70607 Contact Steven Wright 337.478.5672 pastorsteven@bethelpca.com

Dec. 31 Thursday Concert at 7 PM at Cole Concert Hall at the Stephen F. Austin University Campus in Nacogdoches, TX Contact Randy Booth (936) 559-0952

Jan. 2
San Antonio Concert at 7 PM at Christ Covenant Church of San Antonio, meeting at River City Christian School, 5810 Blanco Road, San Antonio, TX 78216-6617 www.christcovenantsa.org Contact Perry Coghlan 830-688-9840

Jan. 5 Tuesday Concert for pastor’s conference in Monroe, LA 6-7 PM at Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church, 224 Auburn Avenue, Monroe, LA. Contact Duane Garner dgarner@auburnavenue.org 318 547 6917

Jan. 7 Thursday Concert at 7 PM in Longview, TX. Concert info pending. Contact person is Phil Hodson premodern1@yahoo.com www.ChristTheKingLongview.org

Jan. 8 Friday Concert at 7 PM at 2101 East 50th St, Texarkana, AR. Contact Bill Izzard 870 779-0656, or 870) 772-0656 billizard@windstream.net

Jan. 9 Saturday

Jan. 10 Sunday Rolla, MO. Details pending. Contact Scott Alford alfords@centurytel.net

Jan. 11 Monday

Jan. 12 Tuesday 8:30 AM at Pella Christian School assembly. 7 PM concert in Pella, IA at Faith Christian Reformed Church, 215 East University Street, Pella, IA Contact Brian Nolder bdnolder@iowatelecom.net

Jan. 13 Wednesday Concert at Christ Church-Twin Cities Meeting At: Fairview Evangelical Lutheran Church (LCMS), 4215 Fairview Avenue, Minnetonka, MN 55343 Phone: (612) 281.1090 E-mail: pastor@christchurchtc.com
Web Site: www.christchurchtwincities.com
Concert at 7 PM, contact Arnie Abens arnie@abens.com 952 933 9650

This is what we have so far. If the later part of the tour develops, I will let you know.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Childhood stories

Some of the stories I can remember are my own, I’m sure, but others have been told and retold, and I am no longer clear on whether the memories are mine or not. This is one of those.

I was living at Buckhorn Lake with my family. I was on the porch of the house, and there was a high (to me) railing around the porch. There was a dugout area which must have been just beside the house, and it was full of water.

My two year old self looked, and behold! The cat sat on the railing of the porch soaking up the sunlight, minding his own business. In my recollection I tried to pet the cat; I rather suspect that in my urge to justify myself I have trained myself to think that pulling that cat’s tail was “petting” it. The cat took exception, and took a swipe at me with his claws open. I think he drew blood. I seem to recall bodily grabbing the cat and throwing him over the railing, though I may be exaggerating my physical prowess just a little. Whatever the case, the cat went off the rail and into the dugout.

Jamie crying and the cat yowling drew a crowd, and soon my siblings were looking in the dugout for the cat, fearful that I may have drowned it. They needn’t have worried; the cat was found a few minutes later in the house, sitting on the register drying off.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


This is the oldest song of mine that I have recorded on any of my albums. I wrote it in 1984 when I was still in my teens. It is on my Fidelty album, from 1990.

Trusting In You

Sometimes life gets hard, don’t know just which way to turn
And it seems like one way or another I’m gonna get burned
But Jesus I know that You’re holding my hand
And You’re gonna be there when I need You, helping me stand
Helping me stand, I’m trusting in You

When I see the storm closing in around me
There’s no shelter in sight and it seems like it’s gonna drown me
But You’re a rock I can cling to, to weather the storm
And no matter what happens Lord I’m safe in Your arms
I’m safe in Your arms, I’m trusting in You
Trusting in You

Jesus when you are near anxieties fade away
My fears and troubles seem to disappear cause they can no longer stay
Lord in Your marvellous presence I’ll always want to be
Cause Jesus when I am with You my bonds are loosed and I’m free
I truly am free when I’m trusting in You

Lord I need to trust in You more
Won’t you help me open up my door

Lord by Your hand You uphold me with strength from heaven above
You take my thoughts from this world full of sin
And surround me with Your love
And when my work here is finished, my final day is done
I know to heaven You’ll take me to live forever with the Son
Forever with the Son because I’m trusting in You

©Mar.5/1984 Jamie Soles

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Going back, back, wayyy back...

This song was one of the only ones in my first 30 songs that I was willing to sing a couple years later. I just looked through the songs of mine from 1981 and 1982, and they are currently quite appalling to me. But I guess a fellow has to learn somehow, and I didn't have a teacher to give me pointers in this art of songwriting. Or the art of thinking straight, for that matter.

Maturity is a delightful thing. It is exactly what God wants in all of us.

Average Man

Walking down life’s stormy road
Bearing my heavy load all alone
Wondering why, why oh why am I here
Can’t find any rhyme or reason
No meaning in this life I’m living
I can’t see where I’m going
But I’m sure that I’ve lost my way

I put on a smile and try to hide
The fact that I’m hurting down deep inside
Wondering if you can see through my disguise
But I know it better than anyone else
The only one I’m fooling is myself
But I’ll continue on this path
Cause I can’t see any better way
If only I could see the light of day

My name is Average Man
I’m imprisoned in a cell of my own making
I wish I could go outside myself
And tear down all those walls that I’ve been building
But I’m just an average man
And I need the help of someone who is greater
To set me on my feet again

Well though I have friends I see each day
The loneliness I feel won’t go away
I wish I could understand my pain
Well I’ve got a hole inside my heart
If I don’t get it filled I’ll fall apart
But I can’t find anyone or anything to please my soul
Oh I need someone to turn to who will make me whole


I don’t know where to turn to but I know
The need is greater than anything I’ve ever known

@Aug.29/1983 Jamie Soles

Country Roads

I remember John Denver singing this when I was a young and impressionable fellow. Though I have never been to West Virginia it seems like it would be a familiar place to me...

Country Roads

Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge mountains, Shenandoah river
Life is old there, older than the trees
Younger than the mountains, growin’ like a breeze

Country roads, take me home to the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain momma
Take me home, country roads

All my memories gathered round her
Miner’s lady, stranger to blue water
Dark and dusty, painted on the sky
Misty taste of moonshine, teardrops in my eye

Country roads, take me home to the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain momma
Take me home, country roads

I hear her voice, in the mornin’ hour she calls me
The radio reminds me of my home far away
And drivin’ down the road I get a feelin’
That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday

Country roads, take me home to the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain momma
Take me home, country roads


I used to accompany my grade four class on the guitar when we sang, and this was one of our numbers. It was one of the more decent songs our teacher filled our heads with; some of her selections make it obvious to me now that she was just recently removed from hippy/drug culture, and brought along a lot of the songs she knew...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Soles Family Western Tour 2009

This schedule is subject to revision, please stay posted. If there are any of you along this route who wish to host us overnight in a place marked "staying with..." please get hold of me.

Soles Travel Journal

Destination: To California and back
Start date: May 13/2009
Traveling companions: Soles family
Goal of trip: Concert tour

 Day 1; Wed. May 13/09
Drive to Calgary.

 Day 2; Thurs. May 14/09
Concert at Calgary First Church of the Nazarene, 65 Richard Way, SW. Calgary/AB Supper at 6PM, 6:45 PM concert. $5/person, $20/family contact Kim Baptist Phone: 403-242-1718, ext. 23 Kim.Baptist@firstnaz.ca

 Day 3; Fri. May 15/09
Concert at Great Falls, MT., 7PM at Trinity Lutheran Church, 1226 First Ave. North, Great Falls, MT. Contact Jill Clark, (406)453-8440

 Day 4; Sat. May 16/09
Concert at Billings, MT., at the Kathy Lillis Chapel http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Poly+Dr+%26+Shiloh+Rd,+Billings,+MT&sll=45.81564,-108.61599&sspn=0.135914,0.248222&ie=UTF8&z=16
Contact Jay Barfield, pastor@ccrchurch.org 406-530-1371

 Day 5; Sun. May 17/09
Worship in Billings with the saints there. Stay one more night.

 Day 6; Mon. May 18/09
Leave early, go visit Yellowstone National Park. Where to spend the night is yet unknown.

 Day 7; Tues. May 19/09
Leave at 9AM, drive to Boise, ID
Concert in Boise with Kings Congregation at 7PM at the Locust Grove Grange at 1201 E. Victory Road between Meridian Road and Eagle Road.

 Day 8; Wed. May 20/09
Leave at 9AM, arrive in Moscow ID at the Bauer’s residence in late afternoon

 Day 9; Thurs. May 21/09
Relax at Moscow

 Day 10; Fri. May 22/09
Concert at Christ Church Spokane, 7PM, 228 E. Gordon, Spokane, WA

 Day 11; Sat. May 23/09
Leave at 10 AM, drive 4 hours south to Enterprise, OR.
Concert at 7PM at the Odd Fellows Hall (to be confirmed)
Staying at
Contact Terrance Tollefson 541 426-0301 church, 541 886-0101 home.

 Day 12; Sun. May 24/09
Worship with the saints at Christ Covenant Church in Enterprise.

 Day 13; Mon. May 25/09
Leave at 10 AM for a 6 hour drive to Wenatchee, WA
Concert at Trinity Church in Wenatchee, 7 PM
Staying with

 Day 14; Tues. May 26/09
Leave Wenatchee at 9AM.
Concert at Providence Classical School assembly, 1:45 PM, 21500 Cypress Way, Lynnwood, WA www.pccs.org

 Day 15; Wed. May 27/09

 Day 16; Thurs. May 28/09
Concert in Skamania, WA at the Skamania Community Church, Hiway 14, between mileposts 33 and 34, by the fire hall.

 Day 17; Fri. May 29/09
Concert for Resurrection Presbyterian Church in Puyallup, WA at 5316 104th St. E., Tacoma, WA, 7 PM. Contact David Scott david@resurrectionpc.org Staying with…

 Day 18; Sat. May 30/09
Concert at Reformation Covenant Church in Oregon City, OR at 6:30 PM
1201 John Quincy Adams St., Oregon City, OR.
Contact the church office (503) 656-9444 Staying with…

 Day 19; Sun. May 31/09
Worship with the saints at RCC,

 Day 20; Mon. June 1/09
 Day 21; Tues. June 2/09
 Day 22; Wed. June 3/09
Leave at 9AM for Medford, OR 5 ½ hr drive
Concert in Medford for Christ Church, 7PM, at this location; First Presbyterian Church
405 E. California St., Jacksonville, OR contact John Barach (541) 531-2906
Staying with …

 Day 23; Thurs. June 4/09
Maybe explore the California coast around Eureka, CA.

 Day 24; Fri. June 5/09
Concert in Santa Cruz, CA at 7PM, contact Jason Farley
Staying with…

 Day 25; Sat. June 6/09
Concert in Sacramento, CA at Church Of The King Contact Theron Johnson 916 372-7128
Staying with…

 Day 26; Sun. June 7/09
Worship with the saints at Church Of The King

 Day 27; Mon. June 8/09
Leave at 9AM for Santa Clarita, CA
Concert in Santa Clarita, CA, 7PM at Desert Streams Church, 26873 Ruether Avenue, Canyon Country, CA 91351
Contact pastor Garrett Craw garrett.craw@sbcglobal.net
Staying at…

 Day 28; Tues. June 9/09
Head for home up I 15. Stay in northern Utah

 Day 29; Wed. June 10/09
Head for home up I 15. Stay in Lethbridge?

 Day 30; Thurs. June 11/09

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How Do We Form Our Theology?

On a list we were talking about Calvin's catechism, which seems to many reformed folk to be teaching something they don't believe in. A friend of mine wrote the following, and it piqued my imagination;

> > The Institutes are a far better judge of what Calvin was saying and
> > where the reformed formed their theology IMO.

Not Calvin's catechism, but Calvin's Institutes.

I've made several CDs of Bible songs, some of which are more important and useful than others, but I don't think someone else could say of my works that *this one* represents Jamie's thoughts better than *that one*, since they were all my thoughts in the first place. Same with Calvin.

But on to other things...

How have the reformed formed their theology? My friend suggests that in his opinion the Institutes have had a greater effect on this formation than Calvin's catechism, and presumeably for good reasons; most of the folks here have a copy of the Institutes, and hardly any of us have ever heard of Calvin's catechism. Stands to reason that the Institutes are more influential.

I would suggest, however, that neither of these are the fountainhead of how the reformed developed their theology. One should look to their liturgies for that. Compare how often the average reformed person has read Calvin with how often they have attended a whole worship service from start to finish. Our liturgies are our prime teachers, and they shape us far more than the things we read. And they do so in ways that are deeper than we are able to grasp.

God sometimes, in His kindness, teaches us things about Him and His ways that we didn't learn in worship. And when this is the case, and I want to share with you some great thing I have learned from the Bible about baptism, or communion, I naturally run into opposition from my brothers. The Lord has not opened their eyes to see what I see, and until he does, their default position will be what they have learned in worship.

This is not a bad thing; it is in fact a very good thing that we operate this way. God shapes us into certain kinds of people thru the way we worship Him. Have you ever wondered why evangelicals are so very different from us reformed folk? It didn't come because they have not read Calvin and we have; it came because they approach God differently in worship. That's just the way God made the world; if you worship Him differently, you become a different sort of person.

God has made us to worship Him. That is what we are for. So I think it is very important that elders and pastors everywhere continually review their worship service with a view to making it conform to Scripture. Has God revealed something to you that is different from your normal practice, oh elder? Then be prepared, for the sake of His kingdom and for the glory of God, to be opposed. But pray, also, that God would open the hearts of your fellow elders so that you might have a good conversation about it. But be prepared also to start working on some new wineskins, because sometimes you get kicked out...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

On Character Development

I have eight kids. And God has charged me with the responsibility to see that each of them grows up in the faith, and that they learn to love Him with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength, and to love their neighbours as themselves. I am responsible for the shaping of their thinking, so that they can grow up and pass on the faith to their children.

And what disaster could come in the world if I fail in any one of these eight instances! It is a common theme in the Bible to see a man pursue godliness himself, but then be followed by children who unravel everything he knitted, because he didn’t teach and train and discipline his children well. One prostitute or one atheist or thief or adulterer, one undiscerning pop musician among them, and the pure light and strength of Jamie Soles music will be tainted in the eyes of many people. “He taught others, let him teach himself!” they would say.

Given the pitfalls and dangers which lie in my path, now ask me if I am worried about this. NO!

If we go thru any particular day and ask ourselves at the end of it what we accomplished in terms of character development today, our usual answer may range from “Not much…” down to “Nothing”. But I read a saying a couple weeks ago that stuck in my mind, and it is worth thinking about… “People overestimate what they can accomplish in a day, and underestimate what they can accomplish in a decade.”

Someone once described the development of the kingdom of God as “A series of triumphs disguised as disasters.” It may appear that we are failing, but we keep on doing what we know God wants us to do, plugging away believing in His promises, and it seems to me that God will honor this kind of faith with children who are obedient to Jesus. God wants me to honor Him, and acknowledge Him in all my ways, and over the long term He will bring about what He has promised.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The real lyrics.

Here is the real lyrics. Recorded on "Man In Black" LP from 1971.

(Dick Feller)
« © '71 Cyberphonic Publishing, BMI »

From a carnie show and a rodeo that shared a three day stand
A cowboy met a fiery carnie queen
In new spring nights amid the lights of the painted carnie van
They laughed and loved and shared short lived dreams

But the carnie show and the rodeo went their separate ways
And the carnie season bloomed and soon moved on
And I was born on a winter morn to the dark eyed carnie queen
The too-late-son of somethin' that was gone

The blacksheep child that grew up wild
From the seed the four winds sowed
Unwanted son of ice and fire an orphan of the road

I was still a child when my mama died of a chill that closed her eyes
So I was left to grow up on my own
Without a name too wild to tame no one cared to try
So mostly I was mostly left alone

In dingy bars and cold boxcars hobo jungle camps
I joined the men who drift from town to town
The surgin' flood of restless blood flowed inside my veins
I'd never find the time to settle down

The blacksheep child that grew up wild...

In the misty rain I caught the train that slowed down through the town
And I pulled myself into the boxcar door
In a passing light in the deep grey night I saw the still dark form
Of an old man lyin' sick upon the floor

And he said I tried to find her but they told me that she'd died
And that she'd left an only son behind
And I tried to find him but I never did but I know I could rest in peace
If I could just see him once before I die

I found a match and I quickly scratched it into flickerin' flame
Then I held it close and I gently raised his head
My mother sir I said of her I have her same dark eyes
He smiled a cowboy smile then was dead

The blacksheep child that grew up wild...

This is one of those ballad songs that made Johnny Cash such a great artist. I think that Man In Black was my dad's favorite album for awhile, at least. I must have heard it a lot.

How my mind works

I was laying in bed last night, late, when a lyric floated thru my brain...

"...from a chill that closed her eyes..."

I thought about it for a bit, trying to recall who sang it, and what the rest of the words were. I got a few more words after a minute,

"and I was left to grow up on my own"

...when I identified it as a Johnny Cash song, one I have not heard or thought of for 30 years, at least. Here it is, as I remember it, without having checked any lyric sites.

Orphan Of The Road by Johnny Cash

The carny show and the rodeo shared a three day stand
A cowboy met a fiery carny queen
They laughed and loved and shared short-lived dreams

But the carny show and the rodeo went their separate ways
..... ... soon moved on
And I was born on a winter morn to the dark-eyed carny queen
The too-late son of something that was gone

A black sheep child that grew up wild
From a seed the four winds sowed
Unwanted son of ice and fire
An orphan of the road

I was still a child when my mother died of a chill that closed her eyes
And I was left to grow up on my own
Without a name, too wild to tame, and no-one cared to try
So mostly I was mostly left alone

A black sheep child that grew up wild
From a seed the four winds sowed
Unwanted son of ice and fire
An orphan of the road

.... and old boxcars, hobo ... camps
And I was left to drift from town to town
A surging flood of restless blood flowed inside my veins
I'd never find the time to settle down

-I don't remember how he arrives there, but he finds an old cowboy dying in a boxcar, saying this.

He said "I tried to find her, but they told me that she died
And that she'd left an only son behind
I tried to find him, but I never did,
But I know I could rest in peace
If I could just see him once before I died."

I found a match and I quickly scratched it into flickering flame
And I held it close as I gently raised his head
"My mother, sir," I said of her, "I have her same dark eyes"
He smiled, the cowboy smiled, then was dead.

A black sheep child that grew up wild
From a seed the four winds sowed
Unwanted son of ice and fire
An orphan of the road

Some people can remember numbers; I can remember lyrics. Now I will go and check the lyric sites, to see how I did.