Thursday, July 02, 2009

Going back, back, wayyy back...

This song was one of the only ones in my first 30 songs that I was willing to sing a couple years later. I just looked through the songs of mine from 1981 and 1982, and they are currently quite appalling to me. But I guess a fellow has to learn somehow, and I didn't have a teacher to give me pointers in this art of songwriting. Or the art of thinking straight, for that matter.

Maturity is a delightful thing. It is exactly what God wants in all of us.

Average Man

Walking down life’s stormy road
Bearing my heavy load all alone
Wondering why, why oh why am I here
Can’t find any rhyme or reason
No meaning in this life I’m living
I can’t see where I’m going
But I’m sure that I’ve lost my way

I put on a smile and try to hide
The fact that I’m hurting down deep inside
Wondering if you can see through my disguise
But I know it better than anyone else
The only one I’m fooling is myself
But I’ll continue on this path
Cause I can’t see any better way
If only I could see the light of day

My name is Average Man
I’m imprisoned in a cell of my own making
I wish I could go outside myself
And tear down all those walls that I’ve been building
But I’m just an average man
And I need the help of someone who is greater
To set me on my feet again

Well though I have friends I see each day
The loneliness I feel won’t go away
I wish I could understand my pain
Well I’ve got a hole inside my heart
If I don’t get it filled I’ll fall apart
But I can’t find anyone or anything to please my soul
Oh I need someone to turn to who will make me whole


I don’t know where to turn to but I know
The need is greater than anything I’ve ever known

@Aug.29/1983 Jamie Soles

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