Friday, February 16, 2007

Global Warming...

I'm all for it!

It has been, by and large, a miserable winter here in Alberta. Last week it rained quite hard, even though it was -10 C. The ice on the van in the morning was at least 1/4 inch thick all over. I started the van with the remote starter and let it run for about half an hour, then went out to see if I could scrape the ice from the windshield yet. A large bubble had formed along the top of the window where it had warmed up, but it had not warmed enough to melt all the way thru the ice. I took my scraper and poked a hole in the ice at the bottom of the windshield, and water came spurting out. It was quite a fountain!

I saw a man on the CBC a few weeks ago, distressing over a large chunk of ice that had broken away from the north coast of Ellsmere Island, which is so far north my map of Canada doesn't even show it. He was quite insistent that the government needed to spend some money and make some laws NOW or it will be too late... Methinks he worships a false god. If God does great things in His world, like breaking ice and watching ninnies scream, we should be saying "Go, God!", not begging the idol in Ottawa to please put a stop to this.

Lately I have been...

I said when I created this blog that it would be useful, because I do have thoughts occasionally, and I should put them down somewhere. This past month must have been pretty blissful... no thoughts at all to speak of.

Well, not quite true. I have been watching the various discussions about the so called "Federal Vision" controversy, and have come to the conclusion that Rich Bledsoe was right; the more serious the sin a man is involved in, the less likely it is that he will be able to see it. There are a number of accusers of the brethren busy as bees in places like the Warfield list, and they seem quite oblivious to the fact that they look just like the devil in their pathological hatred of the godly. And these men are all ministers, tithing from their spice rack and neglecting the weightier matters of the law...

I have been re-reading "Against Christianity", by Peter Leithart. Good stuff!

Old folks home

I no longer have a young family. I added them all up yesterday and they were 71 years old. My kids are older than I am, and older than my wife is, but they are not as old as we are.

And people used to comment on what a large family I had... I would tell them I had a small family, only two of us over five feet tall. But no longer. Now I have a large and growing family. Timbrel and Zion are dead even in height, and Judah is a bit ahead of both.

I hereby predict;

Jewel will be the tallest girl in my house, except for perhaps her mother.

I have said this for years, and it will still be years before I can be proven wrong, so I feel safe continuing to say it.