Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sword Drills

Sword drills are a great way to raise your child's knowledge of where things are in the Bible. I used to do this with my big three, Timbrel, Zion, and Judah, though we have not done it much for a couple years now. I have begun to do it with the next three, Jewel, Jonathan, and Eden, and they have been getting much quicker.

So today we did a sword drill open, to see where the littles stack up against the bigs. Jewel started out smoking with a couple of wins, but then Zion and Timbrel stole the show once they got warmed up. I think Jonathan got a win once, and Judah got one as well. Judah doesn't have great memories of sword drills, just a continual series of losses to his extremely quick big sisters. They are pretty tough competition!

"Swords in the air!" (all the bibles go up into the air, closed and spine upward)

"Find Jeremiah 31:9!" (everyone repeats "Jeremiah 31:9!")

"Go!!" (everyone rushes to find the reference)

Someone stands up and starts to read, hopefully a split second before their neighbor starts, and everyone else groans, especially if they were close...

If your sword drillers are really competent at finding their way around, try this variation;

"In the historical books, find the story of David and Goliath!"

If someone knows the reference they can call it out, and they win; if not, they have to look it up.

(after some digging, someone says "1st Samuel 17!")

This is a great game.

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