Friday, December 29, 2006

"Everything Is All Right"

I spoke with my mother yesterday at our Christmas gathering, and our conversation drifted to Dad, and how he would have enjoyed the evening. She told me an interesting thing about the day dad died in the accident in 2002. She had been driving home from town, and felt a sudden exhiliration, and a sense that things were really good now, and that everything would be all right. When she arrived at home ten minutes later, she found dad under the Bobcat, having died a few minutes before.

She did not remember that feeling until she heard my sister-in-law Cathie's story about the morning my brother Grant died of cancer. Cathie had been out in the yard doing some work when she also felt a great sense of exhiliration, that Grant was going to be OK, that he was going to be healed, that everything was going to be all right. Grant was in a room on the sunny side of the house, and had asked that morning if someone could move the ladder that was blocking the window so that he could see the trees outside. Now, Grant had not been able to see across the room without his glasses for as long as I knew him, but he seemed to have his sight that day, and Cathie felt really comforted. When she went back into the house she found that he had died a short while before, and she connected it to the time she felt the uplifting moment.

This set Mom to thinking, and she remembered something very similar.

The sense that "everything is all right" is certainly true in both cases; both Dad and Grant were irrevocably healed at that moment.

Is this a common thing?

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Rabbi Saul said...

It's interesting to note that on the morning my Dad died, a woman we knew dreamt that he had been healed.