Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cool Van

I drive a Ford E350 XL Super duty van, when everyone comes along. It currently has a glacier on top, courtesy of the last months snowstorms. The ice is probably 4 or 5 inches thick up on top where I can't reach it.

It was -30 this morning, and I had not started it for a couple days, so it complained a little but then it revved right up.

I love my van.


Hester said...

I thought we had left the snow behind, but we're in a huge snow storm, and it's totally chaotic in Van. I totally lost my bus to work this morning. The roads were closed, and I knew the bus was operating, I just didn't know which road to find it on.

We also lost the power in our appartment so Tym had to leave and study elsewhere because it's too cold at home, and all the classes were cancelled. The entire campus is shut down. Hopefully power will back tonight, but we're not hopeful, as just a few weeks ago people were without power for a week. It's really quite strange: I'm used to the weather, but the city is not. Quite an Adventure!!

Des Jones said...


Your van is cool, but nothing says "coolest!" like a big spoiler made out of 2x4s. Trust me on this one.

Mel Mac said...

Embrace the van!
We love Mr. Jamie Soles...

Thank you for your prayer for my friend. What heartache and hope mixed together.

We were considering breaking into our neighbor's house to sneak their copy of Memorials since we can't find our...but now I will download the MP3 version until we get our new one in the mail. Our neighbor's can still love us. :-)

Your East Coast Fans,
The Macs

Tim Roach said...

I am doing a study on Global Warming. Would you please ask your really cool van its opinion on such a chilling subject.
Tim Roach

Anonymous said...

Hi, who are you?