Monday, June 11, 2007

Visitors from afar

We had an excellent Lord's Day service yesterday.

How good it is to be invited into God's presence, to worship together as a body, to be shaped into His image through our worship! It was a blessing as well to worship with a couple families and a single fellow from Fort St. John, whom we have known for a long time, and whose presence causes general rejoicing.

There we were before the service, being thankful for God's good gifts to us, when the door opens at the back, and in walks Dean Helleckson, wheeling Antonia, and being trailed by Azalea and Isaiah. We have been praying for Antonia for years now, and her arrival in our church was a complete suprise to us, and a delight. The Lord has brought her a long way back from the brink. She can communicate with people now, and you can tell that there is a whole lot more going on inside her head that she is not able to express outwardly. When she heard my name, she remembered it, since I have apparently sung to her quite often in the last couple years. So she made a funny about it... excellent! Antonia is in there indeed!

We had almost everybody over afterward to our house, and had an excellent evening of visiting and feasting. What a delight! The lines have fallen to us in pleasant places indeed.

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