Wednesday, June 13, 2007

midnight, June 12

I looked out the window before retiring for bed. The sky in the west was still auburn down by the horizon, blending in to the turquoise of early night. There was still plenty of light to be able to see your way around.

I'm going to be in Birmingham for the longest day of the year this year, so I will have a good comparison to offer to home.

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Anonymous said...

Just a word of encouragement for you:

Some friends gave us one of your CD's about a month ago and our two year old twins absolutely love it!

And quite frankyl I do too!!!

As we back out of the drive way our girls immediate call for "These are They!" Daddy, make loud!

After 2 weeks they were already singing a long.

I know these are compliments you have heard before, but I wanted to personally thank you for helping us teach God's story to our daughters.

Edmond, OK