Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Leave 'Em Behind

Leave ‘Em Behind

I have seen the dying embers of desire in silence lay
Half buried in the ashes of defeat
I have known the waves of apathy to break upon my shore
And swirl the dust of death around my feet
I have listened to the whisper of deception in my ear
And felt the subtle poison in my mind
But I have seen the wind of heaven blow away the clouds
And it’s time to leave those other things behind
Leave ‘em behind

I have noticed the condition in the shadows of my heart
To choose to do what’s wrong instead of right
I have harbored my ambition in the shelter of my soul
And made myself an idol in Your sight
I have shared the yolk of bondage with the proud and evil men
And joined them in the scorn of those who find
But I’ve been drawn with power by the Man upon the cross
And it’s time to leave those other things behind
Leave ‘em behind

There is no room for excuses there is no room left for pride
There are no unbridled passions left untamed
When you’re chosen by the Father there is nowhere you can hide
From the gates of hell your life will be reclaimed
To the ones who will not listen, to the ones who will not hear
To the ones who close their eyes and ears and minds
In this life and ever after let the consequence be known
That Jesus Christ is leaving you behind
He’s gonna leave you behind

©Nov.26/1989 Jamie Soles

This song was an expression of my early readings in reformed theology. I can track when I first started thinking along these lines by looking at my songs... They generally started moving from a "the-end-is-coming-soon!" approach to a much longer view of history, in September of 1989, three months after Val and I were married. What a ride I have taken her on! Wheee!!!!

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