Sunday, August 19, 2007

WOG contents

I have been in the studio for the last week laying down tracks for the next CD, Weight Of Glory. Craig Learmont (my engineer and co-musician) and I have been having a great time building these songs.

WOG will be more of an adult oriented album, though still kid friendly, I suppose. It will consist mostly of songs that started out being written as kids songs but didn't end up being kids songs. I am employing the same fashion of order, sweeping thru the Bible chronologically. Here is a brief description of what will be covered...

1. Cain - a lament over Cain
2. Waiting For Me - the patriarch Joseph rejoices over his wife
3. I've Got A Day - a recently delivered, faithful Israelite reflects on God's gracious gift of the Sabbath
4. Shiloh - Joshua is troubled by the Israelites at the midpoint of the conquest of the land
5. Under His Wings - Ruth's passionate plea to Naomi
6. Ahithophel - David regrets a broken relationship
7. Confession Of A Fool - Psalm 14 with a plea for God to move
8. Crying - Lady Wisdom cries aloud in the streets
9. What Are You Doing Here - The Lord confronts Elijah in the wilderness
10. Who Knows - Mordecai's plea to Esther
11. Jesus Is Here - Prophets, priests and kings rejoice at Jesus coming
12. Still Awake In Nazareth - Joseph prays before going to sleep
13. Son - a Christmas hymn in word pictures
14. Blessed - the beatitudes
15. Soul - an internal conversation with oneself
16. Weight Of Glory - rejoicing in God's promises
17. This Confidence In Me - Paul's Lord, John's Lord, my Lord

Back again this coming week to finish.

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Rogers Meredith said...

Hey Jamie can't wait!!!!!
Rogers and Marlene