Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bible Who-am-I #1

A great deal of trouble I left behind me. Help waited just beyond the mountains, help that would surely have been given to me, had I wanted it. But I had my own ideas. A great deal of trouble came with me. I pursued my own ends, and a great deal of trouble came after me, which troubled Israel for hundreds of years. Who am I?

First hint: I was not alone in this. One of my siblings conspired with me.


Dale Callahan said...

Lot was told to leave Sodom...the place that God was going to destroy...and he left that trouble behind.

God told him to escape to the mountains, lest you be destroyed...which also meant that their would be deliverance or help at the mountains.

But Lot said that he could not escape to the mountains, lest evil overtake him and he die. Amazing how he reversed God's command isn't it?

If he would have done what God commanded then evil would not have overtaken him...but he went his own way and evil did catch up.

While Lot was doing his own thing, in his timing, not when God commanded...his oldest daughter got him drunk and slept with him, she then encouraged her younger sibling to do the same.

From this came two enemies that troubled Israel for many, many generations...the Moabites and the Ammonites.

My guess is the who am I is Lot's oldest daughter.

Jamie said...

You got it, Dale!

Presumably, Abraham was just over the top of those mountains. Which would have been help in the direction of righteousness, had they desired it.