Friday, May 12, 2006

Homeschool Conventions

I attended the OCHEC (Ontario Christian Home Educators Conference) conference in Hamilton when I was there last week, and it seemed to be well received. I played songs and chatted with passers-by, and sold a pile of CDs.

The response to this suggested to me that I should be doing more of it. So; tell me about the homeschool conferences, and particularly Christian ones, that happen in your state of province. Do lots of folks come out to them? When do they happen? I may try doing "the circuit" next year, if there is one...

If any of you have some good ideas on how to get my music out there, let me know. I know that I have gifts in the making of music; I do not have them in the administration of this enterprise.


oldfatslow said...

Florida's big homeschool convention is over our Memorial Day weekend.

They meet at an awesome resort - the Gaylord Palms.


D. Glover said...

Hi Jamie,

Fort St. John has a homeschoolers conference/convention every year, usually held in the basement of the Mennonite Brethren Church. It's not huge but it's usually fairly well attended and there are tables that various cirriculum suppliers and book sellers occupy for a couple of days. I wish I could tell you when it is. I've placed a call to the church to see when it will be this year.... waiting to hear back. Hester, Joanne and Amy B used to come and have a whole Sunday School classroom for their Canon & Veritas stuff. They seemed to do quite well although I think I was responsible for about 50% of their sales each year. When I know the time of the conference this year I'll let you know.

Blessings, Dan Glover

Anonymous said...

There is also the BC Christian Home Educators Convention in Kelowna, BC. It takes place at Heritage Christian School, April 20-21,2007.
Try for more information. Hope this helps! AJ